RELIEVED x Sunburn Prevention Product

Product Designer + Design Strategist _ Team of four


Create a product that will prevent individuals from getting sunburn therefore people feeling relieved when exposed to the sun.


_ More than 50% of Americans experienced at least one sunburn last year...a total of over 160 million sunburns. So why do people continue to get sunburned even though most have experienced it? Research shows that 66% of sunburns are due to uncertainty or carelessness. That's where Lobsta comes into play.


_ Lobsta is a modular, sleek, ergonomic and long-lasting sunglasses stem.  A built-in UV sensor activates a vibrator when the glasses have been exposed to a certain amount of UV light. This vibration nudges the person wearing the sunglasses to reapply sunscreen. Its size—slightly larger than the standard stem thickness—permits the user to be safe in the sun while staying stylish. Lobsta becomes a part of one's lifestyle rather than interfering with it. After all, nobody wants to be as red as a lobster!


Product Design + 3D Rendering + Engineering + Brand Strategy

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